Weather Watch

SLO County weather forecast for the week of Jan. 20

Here is this week’s weather forecast by PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey.

Weather report

A persistent high-pressure ridge will once again build over the Central Coast today and act to raise temperatures while continuing the fair and dry conditions through Tuesday.

Increasing northwesterly (onshore) winds will produce cooler conditions as an area of low pressure slides southward down the spine of the Sierra on Wednesday.

The ridge of high pressure will build back over the state Thursday producing gentle to moderate (8- to 18-mph) Santa Lucia (northeasterly) winds during night and morning hours and above-normal temperatures.

The Santa Lucia winds will relax by the weekend with slightly cooler conditions. The long-range models continue to suggest a shift to a more favorable pattern for Pacific moisture to return to San Luis Obispo late next-week; although no major storms are anticipated.

Today’s surf report

A 5- to 7-foot northwesterly (290-degree, deep-water) swell (with a 13- to 15-second period) will continue at this height and period through this afternoon. 

A 962-millibar storm with hurricane-force winds developed in the Gulf of Alaska last Tuesday. A 5- to 7-foot west-northwesterly (290-degree, deep-water) swell (with a 14- to 21-second period) from this storm will arrive along our coastline with (with a 15- to 20-second period) from this storm will arrive Monday night, increasing to 8 to 10 feet (with a 16- to 18-second period) Tuesday.

A 5- to 7-foot northwesterly (300-degree, deep-water) sea and swell (with a 5- to 15-second period) will develop along our coastline Wednesday. 

The models and charts are indicating the development of a very intense 952-millibar storm near the international dateline at 40 degrees of latitude later today. This storm is expected to generate hurricane-force westerly winds and 40-plus-foot westerly seas. If the storm develops as advertise, a 5- to 7-foot west-northwesterly (285-degree, deep-water) swell (with a 22- and 25-second period) will arrive along our coastline Thursday, peaking Friday at 9 to 11 feet (with an 18- to 20-second period). This swell will gradually decrease this weekend.

Seawater temperatures

Seawater temperatures will range between 55 and 57 degrees through Saturday.   

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