SLO County continues to bake in record-breaking heat

For the second day in a row, boiling temperatures across San Luis Obispo County broke records Thursday.

But a more pleasant weekend is ahead, according to PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey.

San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport reached 103 degrees and Cal Poly hit 100, smashing the record of 94 set in 1970, Lindsey said.

The Paso Robles Airport peaked at 103 as well, eclipsing the old record of 102 set in 1970.

“All in all, for May, this is pretty unbelievable,” Lindsey said. “This is very unusual. This is like take-no-prisoners hot.”

Lindsey cited high pressure coupled with northeasterly winds as the reason for the heat wave.

But he said northwesterly facing beaches, including in Los Osos, stayed a bit cooler because of some onshore winds.

The hottest community on the Central Coast was Santa Maria, reaching 105.

Down on the beachfront in Avila Beach, barista Rachel Howell at Hula Hut said that beachgoers were ordering a large number of cold drinks and frozen desserts.

“People have been ordering ice cream, cold drinks and lots of cold smoothies,” Howell said. “It has been extremely hot for Avila.”

Howell said the beach was very windy. Blustery conditions are expected to remain through the weekend.

Thursday’s cooker matched a scorching day on Wednesday, where many areas of the county also exceeded 100.

Paso Robles recorded a record high of 100, and Cal Poly peaked at 99.

The weekend should see high temperatures in the 70s in San Luis Obispo and in the 80s and low 90s in the North County.