Record-breaking heat envelops San Luis Obispo

Hot Santa Lucia winds blew into San Luis Obispo County on Friday morning, bringing record-breaking heat.

At San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, the temperature reached 105 degrees, breaking a record of 98 degrees set in 1994, according to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. meteorologist John Lindsey.

Paso Robles hit 97 degrees, falling just shy of breaking a 1966 record heat of 98 degrees.

The hot northeast winds pushed temperatures to 103 degrees in Avila Beach, 95 degrees in Morro Bay and 90 degrees in Cambria.

By afternoon, a moist breeze off the Pacific cooled things down considerably, Lindsey said.

“Usually the high temperatures will occur in the late morning or early afternoon hours,” he said, “before the northwesterly winds come up off the ocean and bring cooler, moist air.”

Expect more of the same through Monday as Santa Lucia winds bring temperatures into the 90s in many areas, and mid-70s to low 80s at the beach, Lindsey said.

A marine layer should roll in on Monday night and Tuesday morning, bringing cooler weather along the coast.

Starting Tuesday and continuing through Friday, a low pressure system from the south is expected to move through the Central Coast, bringing muggy conditions and a change of some light rain.