California may be beautiful, but we sure can’t spell the word

Google Trends created a map of the most misspelled words in America.
Google Trends created a map of the most misspelled words in America.

California is home to a lot of breathtaking natural beauty (and good-looking people), but apparently we have a difficult time describing all that gorgeousness.

Californians really don’t know how to spell the word “beautiful,” according to Google Trends, which created a map showing the most searched-for words by state. We’re not the only ones who have a problem with that word. New York, Minnesota, Ohio and Kentucky also can’t spell “beautiful.”

Spelling isn’t easy, but at least our No. 1 “how to spell” word isn’t “banana” — that’s New Mexico — or “nanny,” which Mississippians are clueless about. People in Nevada can’t spell “available,” which they probably use when checking if they can go to Vegas for the weekend.

Oklahomans would be “patient,” if they could only spell it, and poor, sad Wisconsinites have no idea how to spell the name of their own state.

Two states can’t spell “chihuahua” — Arkansas and South Carolina — which is understandable, because that’s a tough word. And four states (Washington, Maine, Alabama and Michigan) can’t spell “pneumonia,” which also makes sense, because who hasn’t had to look that one up?

What doesn’t make sense? That Oregonians can’t spell “sense.”

Finally, two states shared the longest word in the list and a bona fide puzzler: “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

Who knew there were so many “Mary Poppins” fans in West Virginia and Connecticut?

Check out the rest of the map below:

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