Californians love to marry people from this state, but the feeling isn’t mutual

When it comes to love, Californians and Nevadans are a match made in heaven — or, perhaps, a match made in a Shakespeare play.

Californians are more likely to marry someone from Nevada than any other state other than California, according to a Time magazine analysis. But, alas, our love is unrequited. Nevadans prefer Utahns.

Most people in the United States marry someone from the same state, but if they do go out of state, they don’t venture far.

Residents of the Golden State gravitate toward nuptials with Nevadans, with an interstate marriage rate of 3.91 times the national average.

Even though California’s love for Nevada may be doomed, the Golden State does have an admirer who says “Aloha” to love.

More Hawaiians marry Californians than anyone else, at a rate of 3.10 times the national average.

The analysis examined 116 “interstate marriages” where the partners were born in different states, and looked at the most common homestates for spouses compared to the national average, Time said.

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