SLO County Elections 2016: Community service districts, school boards and more

For school board and community service district races across the county, many of the races are already decided, following a Wednesday deadline for candidates to file paperwork declaring their intention to run for public office.

In other races, not enough applicants filed to run for the open seats, meaning many of the existing boards will appoint future members. In still other races, more candidates filed than there are open seats, meaning voters will choose the winners in the Nov. 8 general election.

Here’s a look at each of the races.

Decided races

The following races have already been decided because each available seat had just one candidate.

▪  Avila Beach Community Services District: Eric DeWeese

▪  Cayucos Sanitary District Director: Robert B. Enns

▪  Ground Squirrel Hollow Community Services District: Allen Duckworth, Scott C. Simons, Kevin Scott McCamy

▪  Heritage Ranch Community Services District: Daniel Burgess, Tony Foti

▪  Independence Ranch Community Services District: Carol C. Noe, incumbent

▪  Nipomo Community Services District: Craig Armstrong, Bob Blair

▪  Lucia Mar Unified School District, Area 2 Trustee: Vicki Meagher

▪  San Luis Coastal Unified School District: Walter J. Millar and Kathryn Eisendrath Rogers, Area 1; Chris Ungar, Area 2.

▪  San Luis Obispo County Board of Education: Diane A. Ward, Area 1; Joel Peterson, Area 3

▪  San Luis Obispo County Community College District: Barbara George, Angela R. Mitchell

▪  San Miguel Community Services District: John Green, Anthony “Bear” Kalvans, Joseph Parent

▪  San Miguel Joint Union School District: Janice Lynch, Michael J. Sanders

▪  San Simeon Community Services District (2-year term): John K. Russell

▪  Santa Margarita Fire Protection District: John Wilkins

▪  Shandon Unified School District: Marlene J. Thompson, Area 1; Kate Twisselman, Area 2

▪  Squire Canyon Community Services: Stephen W. Fiant

Not enough applicants

The following races had not enough applicants for their open seats, meaning any open seats will have members appointed by the existing boards:

▪  Avila Beach Community Services District

▪  Cayucos Sanitary District

▪  Creston Hills Ranch Community Services District

▪  Garden Farms Community Water District

▪  Independence Ranch Community Services District

▪  Linne Community Services District

▪  Pleasant Valley Joint Union Elementary School District

▪  Squire Canyon Community Services

Will go to Nov. 8 election

▪  Atascadero Unified School District (three seats): Ed Galena, Corinne Kuhnle, Mary Kay Mills, Terri E. Switzer

▪  California Valley Community Services District (three seats): Misty Lambert, Ruth Joyce Legaspi, Vedaa Joyce Link, Luke Lothrop, Lisa Marrone, Patrick McGibney, Stephen D. McVicar, Donna Ramirez, Ro Webb

▪  Cambria Community Services District (three seats): Harry Farmer, Thomas Kirkey, Dewayne Lee, Amanda Rice, Gail R. Robinette, Greg Sanders, Jeff Walters

▪  Cambria Community Healthcare District (two seats): Shirley Bianchi, Barbara Bronson Gray, Kristi A. Jenkins, Jerry Scott Wood

▪  Cayucos Elementary School District (two seats): Steve Geil, Sherry Peckhoon Sim, Val Wright, Susan H. Brownell

▪  Cayucos Fire Protection District (two seats): Steve Beightler, Darrin N. Carlson, Cheryl Conway, Christopher H. Pope

▪  Coast Unified School District, 4-year term (three seats): Eric G Endersby, Samual Shalhoub, Tiffany Silva, Dennis H. Rightmer, Eileen Roach

▪  Coast Unified School District, 2-year term (one seat): Lee McFarland, Elizabeth Weatherly

▪  Lucia Mar Unified School District Trustee Area 4 (two seats): Karen Campbell Bright, Dee Santos, Don Stewart

▪  Los Osos Community Services District (two seats): Marshall Ochylski, Julie Tacker, Tim Staggers, Steve Best, Vicki Milledge

▪  Oceano Community Services District (three seats): Ariles Amokrane, Linda Austin, Andrew Brunet, James D. Coalwell, Joseph Holmes, Giselle Naylor, John L. Clemons

▪  Paso Robles Joint Unified School District (four seats):Chris Bausch, Donald Goldammer, Dave Lambert, Joel Peterson, Joan Summers

▪  Pleasant Valley Joint Union Elementary School District, 4-year term (two seats): Julie Kirby, Rebecca New, Greg S. Jaeger

▪  Port San Luis Harbor District Commissioner (three seats): Bill Barrow, Jim Blecha, Richard R. Scangarello, Bob Vessely

▪  San Luis Obispo County Community College District Trustee Area 5: George Galvan, Mary Strobridge

▪  San Simeon Community Services District, 4-year term (three seats): Alan M. Fields, Mary Margaret McGuire, Leroy Price, Daniel Williams

▪  Templeton Community Services District (three seats): Pamela Jardini, Debra Logan, Rob Rosales, Navid Fardanesh

▪  Templeton Unified School District (three seats): Ted Dubost, Brenda Gray, Kevin Hamers, Jan Nimick, Nelson Yamagata