San Luis Obispo: Carter, Smith leading in City Council race

Incumbent Andrew Carter led San Luis Obispo's City Council race consistently through the night, with more than 1,500 votes ahead of the other candidates.

It appears that former Councilwoman Kathy Smith will take the other open seat.

However, opponent Dan Carpenter trailed Smith by only 233 votes.

Fewer votes showed in support of remaining candidates Andrea Miller, Arnold Ruiz and Terry Mohan.

The winners will replace two longtime and somewhat iconic council members who did not seek re-election.

Councilman Allen Settle has served for 30 years, including four terms as mayor.

“Going to council meetings for me is like going to church,” said Settle, who spent the night standing in support of Jan Marx for mayor.

Mayor Dave Romero, who endorsed Paul Brown for mayor, has served on the council for 16 years — eight as mayor and eight as a councilman.

Before that he was San Luis Obispo’s public works director for 36 years.