San Luis Obispo: Measure H, which would stop Prado Road expansion, is defeated

A San Luis Obispo ballot measure that would have stopped the extension of Prado Road was soundly trounced Tuesday.

Defeat of Measure H means that decades of city planning will go unchanged and Prado Road will be extended to Broad Street as developments planned for the surrounding area move forward.

But those developments, all approved, are not expected to break ground anytime soon. The extension of Prado Road is years away.

A variety of interests opposed the measure, including youth sports advocates, business organizations, neighborhood groups and current and former elected and public safety officials.

“We are absolutely thrilled,” said Hillary Trout, co-chair of the No on H Committee. “It was a true show of what the community wanted and believed in.”

Proponents fought for the measure’s passing, saying it posed a health and safety concern for children playing at the nearby Damon-Garcia Sports Fields.

However, the city has long planned that Prado Road would act as the city’s primary east-west traffic connector. The Prado Road extension, a 1,200-foot segment, is planned at the outer boundaries of the sports fields and will extend across Acacia Creek.