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Atascadero City Council again pledges to spend sales tax hike on road fixes

The Atascadero City Council clarified its intentions for the city’s proposed general sales tax and advisory measures going before voters in November, pledging to use the money to repair city roads as intended.

Measure F is a general sales tax measure that requires a majority of voters for approval; revenues would go into the general fund and could legally be spent on anything. It’s being paired with an advisory Measure E that doesn’t legally bind the city to spend the new revenue

on roads but advises this City Council and future councils to direct the money toward roads.

On Tuesday, the council reaffirmed its intent regarding the meaning of the phrase “repairing and maintaining neighborhood roads and other roadways” as referenced in Measure E.

City staff says they received several phone calls from the public asking for more specifics on what that wording means, particularly in light of the city’s recent news that roadwork costs to build two roundabouts at the Del Rio Road interchange at Highway 101, in relation to the city’s Wal-Mart project, have escalated to three times the original estimate.

The council reaffirmed that it would not use the new tax money for the roundabouts and only for projects related to repaving city roads.