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Eric Meyer drops out of SLO City Council race

Eric Meyer
Eric Meyer Courtesy photo

San Luis Obispo City Council contender Eric Meyer has dropped out of the race, noting that friendships mean more to him “than any political aspirations.”

Meyer, an entrepreneur and former city planning commissioner, said he made his decision last week while he was campaigning.

In a letter to supporters, Meyer wrote: “Keeping my alliances with others, despite our differences, makes us better advocates for the truly important issues we all care about.”

Meyer said he learned early on while campaigning that the city council role could be divisive.

“When differences separate us, we are not able to be as strong of advocates,” said Meyer.

Three council seats are up for election in November.

Two incumbents — Mayor Jan Marx and Councilwoman Carlyn Christianson — are seeking re-election. The third, Councilwoman Kathy Smith, will not run to retain the seat she has held since 2010.

Two more people have filed their intention to run for the council with the city clerk.

Gordon Mullin, a financial planner with Zuk Financial Group, has been actively campaigning since February.

Mullin has an economics degree from the University of British Columbia, according to his professional profile. He was appointed in November 2013 to serve on a committee reviewing the compensation of the San Luis Obispo City Council.

Daniel Cano, executive director of a nonprofit called The LINK, is also seeking a seat.

The LINK works with schools and countywide public agencies to deliver programs such as homeless assistance and prevention, school based counseling, and case management services.

Cano is a UC Davis graduate with past experience in sales and marketing.

“Those who know me know my passion for community development and public policy, and I look forward to this opportunity to be a part of the conversation to continue to make San Luis Obispo a healthy, engaging and inspiring place to live,” Cano said.

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