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Templeton services district general manager unexpectedly resigns

Templeton Community Services District General Manager Jeff Hodge unexpectedly resigned from his post Tuesday night, effective Jan. 6.

In his resignation letter dated Dec. 18, Hodge specifically blames board vice president Greg O’Sullivan for pushing him out.

“Due to Director O’Sullivan’s ongoing attacks, I feel that it is in the best interest of the district that I resign,” Hodge wrote in his letter.

Hodge didn't attend Tuesday's meeting, but his letter was read aloud. He was not available for comment Wednesday.

O’Sullivan often questions district staff during and outside of meetings and is known for being outspoken, persistent and wanting to be in control.

When asked for comment, O’Sullivan sent an email to The Tribune on Wednesday morning that said:

"It is unfortunate Mr. Hodge has refused to take responsibility for his own actions/inactions by listing my role on the board as the singular reason for his resignation. I am certain my fellow board members wish Mr. Hodge well.”

The district’s newly elected board members were also seated Tuesday night. O’Sullivan was elected vice chairman by his colleagues on the board.

Board Chairwoman Judy Deitch said she does not intend to have O’Sullivan removed as vice chairman.

“He’s a part of the board, and he’s a team member,” she said. “My goal is to get the board moving on the issues facing Templeton.”

In July, Hodge’s leadership was questioned after an employee complaint came to light. The matter led the board to look into the issues and they determined nothing would come from the complaint.

At the time, Hodge had said he couldn’t give specifics on the matter but said it was in regards to staff responding to a change in management and style.