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About 9,500 ballots still need to be counted in SLO County

San Luis Obispo County election staff continues to count the remaining batches of ballots from last week's election, which on Monday was narrowed down to 9,524 ballots.

That's down from the 30,109 ballots that hadn't been counted as of last Friday.

Officials said new tallies would be posted on the clerk-recorder's website, www.slovote.com, although a specific timetable wasn't immediately available.

As new numbers trickle in, some of the county’s major races that have the least amount of votes between candidates continue to keep their original leads.

The public is often surprised after a major election when they learn that there’s often thousands of ballots countywide remaining to be counted, according to the Clerk-Recorder’s Office.

Uncounted ballots include vote-by-mail ballots, ballots that need to be duplicated because they haven’t been processed yet due to rips or stains, and provisional ballots for people who changed their mind on Election Day or had a new home address.

Certified election results from the 2010 and 2008 elections also came in late November. Certification marks the end of counting and makes the tallies official.