Sneaky man gets a divorce without ever telling his wife about it, Texas police say

After saying “I do,” deciding “I don’t” can cost a great deal of time, money and sanity. Unless, of course, you don’t tell your spouse about the divorce — exactly what a Texas man is accused of doing.

Houston police say Paul Nixon, 51, divorced his wife without her ever knowing a thing about it.

Police in Texas say Paul Nixon, 51, forged documents to divorce his wife without her knowledge. Harris County Constable Precinct 4

Nixon forged a number of divorce documents before submitting them to Harris County District Court, including a waiver of service, police say. The document waives the right to be formally served a legal summons and must be notarized. Police say Nixon forged the notary public’s signature.

During divorce proceedings, Nixon testified in court that the information in the documents was valid, police say. Ultimately, the judge granted Nixon the final divorce decree.

It wasn’t until after the divorce was finalized that Nixon’s wife learned what had happened and called police. Because the documents were fraudulent, police say the marriage has since been reinstated by the court.

Nixon, however, is facing criminal charges for the alleged act. He’s wanted for aggravated perjury and police are asking anyone who knows his whereabouts to contact their local law enforcement officials.

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