Why new Netflix show about the Outer Banks is filming in SC, and how you can be in it

Netflix will begin work on a new show, "OBX," based on North Carolina's Outer Banks, but it will be filmed in South Carolina.
Netflix will begin work on a new show, "OBX," based on North Carolina's Outer Banks, but it will be filmed in South Carolina. AP

Netflix has a new show it is about to begin filming that is based on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. It has been created by an N.C. resident, and the program, “OBX,” is named after the abbreviation for the Outer Banks.

So why will the show be filmed in South Carolina?

Netflix chose not to film on location in the Tar Heel State because of “the remnants of House Bill 2, the bathroom bill that sparked a firestorm in 2016 and pushed production companies away because of its anti-LGBTQ language,” the Wilmington Star-News reported.

A casting call has gone out seeking extras to appear in the show, according to a Facebook post by TW Cast & Recruit.

The agency said extras will be paid $80 for every eight hours of work, which will be in South Carolina because of continued fallout from North Carolina’s HB2 bill.

“OBX,” described in a news release as “a coming of age story,” will begin filming in Charleston on May 1, WCBD reported.

The Duffer Brothers, born and raised in Durham, drop quite a few Durham-area references in the Emmy-winning hit sci-fi series “Stranger Things” that they write, direct and produce.

The specific issue that prevented “OBX” from being made in North Carolina was a dispute over HB-142, a “state law preventing cities from passing laws that protect trans (people’s) access to public accommodations,” according to the Charleston City Paper.

There was some hope the series would get made in North Carolina since the law “expires on Dec. 1, 2020,” and series creator as well as Wilmington resident Jonas Pate wanted state legislators to push it out sooner, the Fayetteville Observer reported.

But that did not happen.

“It just hurts to see a production about North Carolina go to South Carolina,” said Sen. Harper Peterson, D-New Hanover, according to the newspaper.

Whitney Norko captured this dramatic close-up video of a waterspout at Kill Devil Hills, N.C. Monday morning, July 10, 2017. Multiple waterspouts triggered a tornado warning for the area and some damage was reported.

So now the program Netflix said is about “best friends in high school the summer following a devastating hurricane” will be set in North Carolina in name only, per WCIV.

The series takes place “in a fictional Outer Banks town after a hurricane knocks out all outside communication,” according to the Outer Banks Voice.

For those interested in auditioning to be an extra, they can go to TW Cast & Recruit’s Facebook page, which has instructions on what hopefuls will need to submit. It also says that casting directors are specifically “looking for teens and adults” as extras, WCIV reported.

Filming can last up to 12 hours per day and will run through Labor Day, according to the agency’s Facebook post.

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Noah Feit is a Real Time reporter with The State and McClatchy Carolinas Regional Team. The award-winning journalist has worked for multiple newspapers since starting his career in 1999.