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Training accident kills two at Camp SLO, World War II week by week

War news in the Telegram-Tribune Oct. 7, 1944 included advances in Europe.
War news in the Telegram-Tribune Oct. 7, 1944 included advances in Europe.

Oct. 5, 1944

Two soldiers died at Camp San Luis Obispo in a range fire training accident: Pvt. William B Harriger of Freedom, Pa., and Pvt. Domenico Bimbo of Brooklyn, N.Y. Two other men were injured, one critically.

Hawthorne Elementary School principal Marvin Willard encouraged parents to visit the school after two letters critical of the school district had been published in the Telegram-Tribune. He said educators were open to constructive criticism but parents needed to see classrooms firsthand rather than relying on opinions or hearsay. Schools were under tremendous pressure as populations ballooned with young families as military bases expanded.

While Japanese forces were being driven back island by island in the Pacific, they were advancing in South Central China. They were in danger of splitting Chinese forces and taking control of the Hankow-Canton railway corridor. American bombers were striking Japanese-controlled oil fields in the Dutch East Indies.

Polish Lt. Gen. Tadeuz Komorowski was captured by the Germans at Warsaw. The general chose capture rather than escape. He said he "preferred to suffer the same fate as his men in Warsaw" who were unable to get away. It was feared that this was the end of the leadership of the Polish resistance.

American troops were working their way through the Siegfried line, 35 miles from the Rhine river. British troops were still two miles away from the ill fated Arnhem bridge. Canadian troops were fighting toward the port of Antwerp. It was vital for the Allies to gain control of a port close to the front for resupply.

Oct. 7, 1941

The American First Army under Lt. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges made an advance six miles wide and deep north of Aachen and were rolling toward the Rhine River.

Three fleets of heavy bombers totaling 3,100 aircraft, flew into Germany from bases in Italy and Britain. With fighter aircraft and tactical aircraft affiliated with ground troops, it was estimated that between 6,000 and 7,000 allied planes were over Europe.

German troops were reported evacuating Greece, threatened by Soviet forces in the rear and British invaders coming ashore. British cruisers, destroyers and at least one aircraft carrier were searching for the German evacuation fleet. They had been defeated three years earlier when the Germans first advanced, but the tide had now shifted.

The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the St. Louis Browns squaring the World Series at two victories apiece. Stan Musial homered with Johnny Hopp on base in the first inning, and the Cardinals cruised to a 5-1 victory.

Swiss press reports said that former facist leader of Italy, Benito Mussolini, was being held under close guard by Germans and was suffering fits of depression.