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Atascadero fighter pilot, World War II week by week

January 6, 1944 Telegram-Tribune.
January 6, 1944 Telegram-Tribune.

Stories from Jan. 6, 1944:

Lt. George S. Langston, 23, of Atascadero was prominently mentioned in a front-page story from United Press. The Marine Corps pilot was involved in an attack near the Japanese-held island of Bougainville. He was part of a group of four planes that cloud-hopped and came down on the base, surprising the defenders. They estimated that at least 19 enemy planes were destroyed in the attack.

Eleven survivors of a crashed Army Flying Fortress bomber north of Las Vegas were marooned for 36 hours on an 11,000-foot plateau before they were rescued. Two others were still missing in the snow.

Boy Scouts of Santa Lucia Council planned to conduct a paper drive to recycle newspapers and magazines.