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Two years since Pearl Harbor, special section 1943, WWII week by week

The Telegram-Tribune commemorated the two years since the attack on Pearl Harbor with a special edition of largely wire service Newspaper Enterprise Association content.

The first year after the attack had been a period of rear guard action and gathering resources. By the end of 1943 America had contributed to modest gains in Africa, Europe and the South Pacific.

The Soviet Union had been supplied and, at a terrible cost in lives, had turned the tide on their home front.

Key leaders had been tested and replaced if necessary.

In retrospect one of the biggest turning points in the war is absent on the cover illustration.

The sinking of four Japanese aircraft carriers in the battle of Midway would shift the balance of power in the Pacific.

America was gearing up production, while Germany and Japan no longer had the element of surprise.

Heavier fighting was still ahead — 1944 would bring greater sacrifices.