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Truman urges U.N. ratification, World War II week by week

The July 2, 1945 Telegram-Tribune headlined heaving bombing of Japan.
The July 2, 1945 Telegram-Tribune headlined heaving bombing of Japan.

July 2, 1945

The Telegram-Tribune was planning on taking the afternoon of Wednesday, July 4, off, saving precious newsprint on what was anticipated to be a slow news day. Most businesses and public offices were set to be closed. Camp San Luis Obispo planned a 48-gun salute at noon, but otherwise there were no celebrations planned.

The fleet of Super-Fortress bombers continued to pound Japan. Four more cities were hit with gasoline-incendiary bombs. Enemy fighters put up weak resistance. The city of Ube was hard hit adding to the list of 23 cities targeted.

Allied troops were advancing in the oil fields of Borneo.

President Truman asked for U.S. Senate ratification of the United Nations charter. He told senators it was an all-or-nothing vote. The document had been the result of an exhausting nine-week process, and the president said, "For this is not a static treaty. It can be improved — and as the years go by it will be — just as our own Constitution has been improved. This Charter points down the only road to enduring peace. There is no other."

Sheriff Murray Hathway left town for Weaverville to bring back jail escapee Eugene Simpler Jr. He and fellow inmate Harley Arbaugh broke out of the new jail in May using a smuggled hacksaw. Arbaugh had already been recaptured and was in San Quentin. Simpler was to stand trial, accused of rape and kidnapping.

A total of 5,400 rainbow trout were planted in Morro and Atascadero creeks from the Fish and Game hatchery in Fillmore.

The body of Lt. Loren Bubar of San Luis Obispo had been located in Hamm, Luxembourg. The bombardier had been reported missing over Frankfurt, Germany, on Jan. 29, 1944.

California's two-year budget was estimated at $703,755,145.

July 3, 1945

American troops rolled into Berlin to take charge of their zone of occupation. American, British, French and Russian troops divided the capital into zones. Berlin was surrounded by the Russian held zone of Germany.

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors passed a health ordinance. The bounty on mountain lions was raised from $25 to $50.

Lt. Robert Booker, a San Luis Obispo High School graduate, was reported missing in action since March 10. The B-29 Super-Fortress navigator was flying a mission over Tokyo.

The lost bells of Shuri were found on Okinawa. The 450-year-old bronze bells had been buried to protect them during bombing on the island. U.S. Army officials said they would be rehung in the Buddhist temple immediately.

Snow had trapped 11 American soldiers at a remote weather outpost on the east coast of Greenland since Jan. 8. An avalanche had buried their camp under 20 feet of snow. Early attempts at rescue by boat had been driven back by ice. They had to be supplied by parachuted supplies until the thaw.