New state program will help recycle old paint

Are you trying to unload some old paint that is taking up space and threatening to spill? The state has a recycling program that might help.

The state Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery - CalRecyle - has launched a “paint take back and recycling program,” which it describes as “a convenient and environmentally safe” way to properly manage leftover paint.

Under the program, homeowners and others who use paint can take their leftovers to a drop off site, which Heather Jones of CalRecycle says is generally a retail paint store.

Jones told The Tribune that local residents can find a nearby location by going to http://www.paintcare.org and putting in their zip code.

The program, authorized by legislation passed in 2010, took effect Oct. 19.

It was set up and is managed by PaintCare Inc., a nonprofit created by paint manufacturers.

A tax paid on new paint sold in California pays for the program. The tax ranges from 35 cents to $1.60, depending on the size of thecontainer.

Jones wrote that Californians generate millions of gallons of leftover paint each year. Until now, disposal was handled locally, at great cost, and was so expensive that five to 10 percent of residents ended up being served