Morro Bay group aims for cleaner estuary

The Morro Bay National Estuary Program has started a new public education effort designed to raise awareness about the importance of clean water.

The program, “Clean Water, Great Life,” asks residents and visitors to pledge to use clean water practices, including cleaning up after pets, keeping trash out of the estuary, being mindful of water conservation and controlling household chemicals and medicines that can pollute local waterways.

“Clean water is something we all value, and the Morro Bay National Estuary Program is dedicated to helping people understand small changes add up to big results,” said Shari Sullivan, the program’s education coordinator.

The first phase of the clean water program is a new photographic display at the estuary’s visitor center, which highlights well-known local residents and their commitments to the cause of clean water.

Featured are Eric Miramon, a salvage diver; Paul Van Beurden, owner of Dutchman’s restaurant; father and son Matt and Liam Corning; and pet lovers Debra Angell and Jeff Lewis. Dean Sullivan and Bill Shewchuk of Two Tall Studios photographed the residents.

Subsequent phases of the program will include community programs and an online campaign.