Retired Raytheon chairman donates $10 million to Cal Poly golf

Retired Raytheon Company chairman William H. (Bill) Swanson and his wife, Cheryl, have made the largest single donation in the history of Cal Poly sports — $10.2 million to the university’s golf program.

The donation will provide scholarships and establish an endowment named the “Swanson Cal Poly Golf Program.” The endowment will focus on engineering and first-generation student athletes and support better participation in national tournaments, a bigger budget for travel and recruiting and improved gear for the men’s and women’s teams.

Cal Poly Men’s Golf Coach Scott Cartwright said the Swansons’ generosity will boost the university’s golf program for generations.

“It will give us the scholarships needed to recruit top student-athletes and have the resources to travel to elite tournaments and develop training programs to improve the abilities of our players,” Cartwright said.

Mustang golfers Cole Nygren and Jamie Corr, have both received scholarships from the Swansons.

“I have been very blessed to receive the financial aid the Swansons have given me,” Nygren said in a statement, “so I speak from experience when I say that this generous donation will turn over a new leaf for our programs.”