Paso Robles wants use money from property sale to fund new performing arts magnet school

The Paso Robles school district wants to use money from a property sale to help fund a new performing arts magnet school, according to reports prepared by the superintendent’s office.

The district is planning to sell an Oak Park property to the Housing Authority of Paso Robles for $385,000, according to the reports, which appear with the agenda for next Tuesday’s school board meeting. If approved by the school board, roughly $47,000 of that will go to instruction at Bauer Speck Magnet School, which has developed a preliminary model to become a visual and performing arts magnet.

Among the planned expenditures is $17,000 for violins.

The district, which has lost students in the past to the Atascadero Fine Arts Academy, has discussed creating a performing arts magnet for some time. The board agreed to a feasibility study for the magnet in February 2011.

According to the superintendent’s report, the magnet school would be established with limited or no extra district funding.

The $47,000 would also fund training, the development of curriculum and projection systems.

The rest of the property sales revenue would go to the district’s reserves, facility repairs and Internet and phone upgrades.