Templeton Education Foundation seeks to quickly fill volunteer spots on its board

Templeton High School
Templeton High School

The Templeton Education Foundation is searching for volunteers to serve on its board and to help at fundraising events.

Board President Brian Weiss said the foundation is looking for five volunteers to serve on its 10-person board, which is made up of five officers and five directors.

The board will likely need a vice president, vice president of grants and three directors. The nonprofit group needs new volunteers by March 15 in order to plan its summer fundraisers, Weiss said.

“We’re trying to reach out to those volunteers who do have extra time to commit but don’t know there’s an opportunity,” he said.

The nonprofit gives grants directly to teachers in the Templeton Unified School District to purchase items they wouldn’t typically be able to buy. The foundation has given out more than $60,000 in grants during the 2016-17 school year, paying for items such as fitness equipment, graphing calculators and welding tools.

Time to volunteer is the only qualification needed to become a board member, Weiss said. He said board members must be able to attend a meeting every month and help at fundraisers, and the time commitment varies for officers and directors.

“Ultimately, to carry into next year, we need five solid board members,” Weiss said.

Working with the foundation is a great way to help area schools and network with other parents and residents, Weiss said. He encouraged those who don’t have the time to serve as board members to volunteer at events or donate to the organization.

“It’s a great way to generate money to give back to the schools,” Weiss said.

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