Templeton Market and Deli is struck by vandals — again

Rocks were thrown through windows at Templeton Market and Deli last week.
Rocks were thrown through windows at Templeton Market and Deli last week. Courtesy photo

For the second time in three months, employees at the Templeton Market and Deli are sweeping up shattered glass and hoping someone will spill who hurled rocks through their store windows.

A string of vandalism incidents has hit the North County since the beginning of summer break, according to local law enforcement.

Abby Allen, manager of Templeton Market and Deli on the 300 block of South Main Street, raced to the shop around 1 a.m. last Wednesday after something tripped the business’ safety alarms. When she got to the scene, her fears were confirmed: someone had thrown two large rocks through two of the business’ front windows.

Even more frustrating was that the windows were only two months old, having been replaced following a similar incident in April.

“I’d say it’s a little disheartening,” Allen said.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office Cmdr. Ken Conway confirmed the Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident but currently has little to go on. Conway said that law enforcement in the Atascadero/Templeton/Paso Robles area has been responding to a number of petty vandalism incidents since local schools let out for summer.

Though these are the first broken windows of the season, police have responded to small fires and other minor reports of property damage.

Kelly Flannagan, a manager at Templeton Glass, confirmed that they replaced the deli’s windows the last time around, and though the deli’s are the first broken windows in Templeton, the glass business has responded to broken windows in Paso Robles since school let out.

“This is the worst we’ve seen it in a while,” Flannagan said.

According to Allen, it costs approximately $750 per window.

In response, Templeton Market and Deli and Crime Stoppers are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the rock-tossing culprits. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 549-STOP.