Drunk man in a volleyball pit and other Atascadero emergencies

Each day, dispatchers from the seven police departments in San Luis Obispo County take dozens of calls from residents seeking help for issues ranging from minor disputes to serious crimes. The Tribune provides coverage of serious crimes every day on its news pages. Here is alook at some of the other, more unusual calls as found in recent police logs from Atascadero.

Food run3:07 a.m. April 14, 6910 El Camino Real

Two people were sitting in the bushes behind Denny’s. One then ran into the restaurant.

Minor problem7:43 p.m. April 14, Mercedes Avenue

A boy who appeared to be 14 years old was seen holding a bottle of Malibu Rum, although he didn’t appear to be drinking it. He was in the road with several other youths. Officers arrived and cited a 19-year-old for being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Lost and found3:53 p.m. April 15, call to Atascadero Police Department

A man said he found the items he had previously reported as stolen.

You got served11:19 a.m. April 16, 9100 block of Tiburon Court

A resident said a man was knocking on his door, possibly in an attempt to break into the home. Officers contacted the knocker, who was actually a process server. After several trips and phone calls to police, the resident eventually accepted the papers.

Pilfering from patio4:51 p.m. April 16, 5505 El Camino Real

A citizen reported the theft of two patio chairs, valued at $400.

Spiked5:55 p.m. April 16, 9315 Pismo Ave.

An intoxicated man was in the volleyball pit at Atascadero Lake Park. He was having trouble walking and standing. Officers arrested him for being drunk in public.

Poking around10:12 p.m. April 16, 1740 El Camino Real

Someone with a flashlight was seen inside a storage unit at El Camino Storage. It was determined to be management.

Mistaken identity10:19 p.m. April 16, 5200 block of Cabrillo Avenue

A woman said a man she did not know chased her into her residence and began pounding on the door. Officers talked to the man, who thought he was at his friend’s house.

No tolerance10:55 a.m. April 18, 4300 San Benito Road

An officer was asked to talk to an elementary school student about drawing violent pictures. The student was counseled and remained at school.

Chemical spill10:07 a.m. April 19, 7605 Santa Ysabel Ave.

A large substance was seen on the ground. It was determined to be hair dye or another chemical.

Appliance aflame12:54 p.m. April 20, 41 Sombrilla Court

There was a fire in a toaster.