Security guard allegedly assaulted by man in downtown San Luis Obispo

Private security guard Evan Aldape was assaulted in downtown San Luis Obispo on Monday by a man on Marsh Street.

Aldape, hired by the San Luis Obispo Downtown Association, saw Rodney Mathieson urinating on a bank wall at 3:20 p.m. and advised him use a restroom.

According to the San Luis Obispo Downtown Association, witnesses said Mathieson threatened and then approached Aldape, making physical contact with him.

Aldape wrestled the man to the ground and sustained a minor back injury in the process. Bystanders intervened and helped Aldape restrain Mathieson, who witnesses say appeared intoxicated.

Police arrested Mathieson, 47, for alleged assault. Aldape was expected to return to work Wednesday.

The Downtown Association also noted another incident where a businesswoman reported walking along Higuera Street and seeing a Mason jar, wrapped with a cord, falling from above and hanging near her face.

Looking up, she saw two men in a tree who were panhandling with the jar, which was hanging from a long rope. Downtown security was called and the men left the area.

The Downtown Association has hired In House Security to provide guards in the area from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.