Apartment fire displaces Cal Poly students in finals week

Dozens of Cal Poly students were displaced during finals week by a fire  Tuesday at an 18-unit Murray Street apartment building, the San Luis  Obispo Fire Department said.

Firefighters responding to the call of smoke at 1230 Murray St. were  able to contain the fire to a bathroom wall in one apartment and the  attic area above it. However, the department said in a news release,  the main electrical supply was damaged, rendering the entire building


The department was alerted by the apartment’s tenant, who notified her  mother after smelling smoke. Her mother told her to call 911.

As firefighters arrived, the tenant told them that a burn mark on her  bathroom was growing larger. They told her to get out. She did, and  alerted other residents of the complex.

“As a result of the rapid response,” the department wrote, the fire  was contained to a small area of the building.

Twenty-five personnel responded, including battalion chiefs,  firefighters, paramedics, investigators and police officers.

The department has not announced a cause for the fire, nor did it list a time .