Four ASH employees injured while dealing with patients this week

Four employees at Atascadero State Hospital were injured during incidents with patients in the last week, according to a preliminary report from the facility.

On Nov. 6 around 6:30 p.m. a nursing employee got a bump on the head while trying to stabilize a patient. A nursing employee could be a psychiatric technician or a registered nurse.

The next day around 7 p.m. another nursing employee was injured with bumps and bruises during an aggressive incident with a patient.

Later that day, Nov. 7, at 8 p.m. two more nursing employees were hurt while trying to stabilize a patient. One staff member reported injuries to their arms and leg and the other complained of lower back pain.

All of the reports are being investigated, according to ASH spokesman Craig Dacus said.

Staff names are not released and job titles remain general in attack reports to protect the identity of employees, officials said. Patients' names and injuries are not given due to federal laws.

Violent acts by patients occur regularly at the all-male facility.

Last year, there were 409 aggressive incidents against staff members.

Of them, 151 resulted in injury, according to the state.