Two women reportedly followed by white van in Paso Robles

Paso Robles police are alerting the public of suspicious circumstances that happened late Sunday evening in a southeastern part of the city.

Two women reported they were walking east on Sherwood Road about 10 p.m. when an older white van pulled up next to them and stopped, then drove alongside the women as they continued walking, according to a news release from the Police Department.

The van then proceeded a short distance and stopped as the women approached. The women ran past the van, and the driver headed south on Commerce Drive, according to police.

The women continued onto Linne Road, and saw the same van approach and stop near them. They hid in a nearby business parking lot and waited for the van to leave before calling a friend to pick them up.

They reported the incident to police the next day. They said the van had a black rear bumper with a California license plate, at least four windows along the side, and body damage on the right front fender and the rear doors.

The women described the driver and passenger as men in their 20s; the driver possibly had a mustache. The men never spoke to the women.

Police encourage anyone with information to call police at 237-6464 or Crime Stoppers at 549-7867.