Kelsey Morasci filed a false complaint against Everett Quaid the night he died, ex-girlfriend says

The ex-girlfriend of the Atascadero woman accused of murder took the stand today and described events leading up to Everett Quaid’s death on Aug. 6.

Grace Crabtree, 26, testified that Kelsey Morasci called the police and filed a false complaint against Crabtree's new boyfriend, Quaid, on the night of the alleged murder.

Morasci called police to report that Quaid was improperly touching Crabtree’s 6-year-old daughter, but after investigating the complaint police dropped the matter, Crabtree said.

A few hours later, Crabtree testified Morasci and Quaid were sitting on a hammock when Crabtree saw Morasci first appear to hug Quaid and then make motions that appeared to be punches.

Morasci is accused of stabbing Quaid to death, but her attorney, Thomas McCormick, said she was acting in self-defense.

After the testimony outside the courtroom this morning, McCormick said that Quaid was angry over the call to police and initiated the attack.