Kristina Hogan: Killed at Montana de Oro in 2001

Kristina Hogan
Kristina Hogan

Kristina Hogan's ex-boyfriend murdered her before taking his own life after she tried to break up with him.

Hogan, a 20-year-old Cal Poly student, was found dead from a deep cut to her throat near an oceanside trail at Montana de Oro on Jan. 9, 2001.

"Her fatal injury is violent and very forceful and is unlikely to be self-inflicted," said Sheriff's Lt. Steve Bolts.

The ex-boyfriend, Bill Weilandt, was found dead the next day at his Los Altos apartment. He left a suicide note that indicated he participated in Hogan's death.

Detectives believe Weilandt drove to San Luis Obispo in the predawn hours of Jan. 9. Hogan, a third-year business major, had broken up with him over the phone. At 2:30 a.m., she told her roommate he was coming down so they could end the relationship on a good note by watching the sunrise at Montana de Oro.

Weilandt attempted suicide by cutting his own wrists and neck, but was unsuccessful. He then drove three hours back to his Los Altos home, where he overdosed on medication.

He also had cuts to his wrist and neck, but they weren't as serious as those found on Hogan. According to Los Altos Detective Dennis Louchs, blood was found in Weilandt's car.

San Luis Obispo County detectives believe Weilandt used a broken glass bottle to cut Hogan's neck and said a disposable razor blade may have been used to cut one of her wrists. Bolts said they also found two empty bottles of nonprescription pain reliever near her body, but later said she did not take any drugs before she died.

"Her decision to end her relationship with Weilandt caused her to express relief to her closest friends," he said. "On the other hand, Weilandt displayed very possessive behavior toward Hogan and their relationship and was likely quite angry over her intention to end the relationship."