SLO sees drop in violent crime, rise in property crime, according to police

San Luis Obispo saw fewer violent crimes in 2016 but continues to struggle with property crime, according to a statement released by the San Luis Obispo Police Department on Friday.

The city recorded 7 percent fewer violent crimes last year, and while crime overall rose by 11 percent, that increase still marked a reduction from the 21 percent increase in 2015. According to police Chief Deanna Cantrell, those numbers reflected a statewide trend.

In 2016, there were no murders reported within city limits. The city recorded 38 rapes, 21 robberies and 118 aggravated assaults.

Property crime was more rampant in 2016, with theft from vehicles the most common property crime. The city recorded 673 such incidents.

“The increase in thefts from cars, up to 52 percent over the prior year, reflects in part a cultural issue in the city, with people failing to lock their doors and remove items of value due to a false sense of security,” the statement paraphrased Cantrell as saying.

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