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Keep the booze away from the movie theater

I hear that Galaxy, operator of the 10-screen theater scheduled to open later this year in the Colony Square complex, wants a license to sell beer and wine there.

This would be a bad idea. We already have enough places in Atascadero where booze is available to those who want it. I really don’t see a need to sell it at the movie theater, too. What kind of message are we sending to our children if we adults have to have booze available to us on practically every street corner? We’re telling them we can’t have fun without the booze, that’s what.

Even if the beer and wine were only available in an area off the main lobby just for adults, it is still a bad idea. Such an idea was also suggested for the other 10-screen theater in the La Plaza commercial project, and it should also be rejected.I’m not sure who would be the one to grant permission for Galaxy to sell alcohol at its theater. It may take a nod from the City Council. I’d like to think Atascadero could be more amenable to reducing the number of places where you can get booze, not increasing them.

I’ve complained in the past about the amount of alcohol sold at the California Mid-State Fair. It seems you can’t walk more than 100 feet without encountering a booth selling booze, from beer and wine to the harder stuff. I think the sales have gotten out of control, and the behavior of those attending the concerts certainly demonstrates it. At one time, the fair board limited sales of alcohol on the fairgrounds and in the concerts. That has long been abandoned.

I find it ironic that civic leaders are so afraid of people getting marijuana, even through controlled clinics, but applaud the opening of a wine bar and restaurant.

Atascadero needs to think carefully about allowing beer and wine to be sold at the movie house.

The fact that we’re getting a new theater in Atascadero is wonderful news. Unfortunately, Hollywood is turning out more and more movies we don’t want to see, but for those we do, not having to drive out of town to see them is going to be wonderful. My wife and I live close enough to walk to the movies on these warm summer evenings. We can hardly wait for the opening. But let’s keep the booze away from the movie house. There is just no logical reason for the theater owner to be selling beer and wine to moviegoers under any circumstances.