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Let’s pick up after ourselves

I think that humans are probably the messiest in all the animal kingdom. Judging from the debris you see littering our highways, a growing number of people seem to think it is OK to simply throw their trash out the window.

On Christmas Day, my wife and I decided to attend a movie. The film was popular so the theater was very crowded. As I’ve mentioned in the past, we read all the credits at the end of any given movie, which makes us the last ones out of the theater.

I always purchase a tub of popcorn and a bottle of water, both of which I carry out to the nearest trash receptacle. We couldn’t help but notice how much trash was left behind by those who left the theater ahead of us — popcorn buckets, cold drink containers, candy bar wrappers and boxes.

This, by the way, was in a theater attended by mostly adults.

What happened to manners? Why do people fail to pick up after themselves?

You learn as a Boy Scout to leave your area cleaner than you found it.

I’m equally bugged by those patrons at the local big-box store who wheel their lumber, bricks and other building materials to their cars and pickups and then leave the cart right there, tucked into a parking slot so you never see it until you’ve committed yourself to turn into the spot. Then you have to back up and find an empty place, stopping traffic behind you.

The same thoughtless action happens at the grocery store, too. I see able-bodied men and women push a cart filled with groceries to their respective parking spaces, unload all the items and then leave the cart right there tucked between parked cars. Sometimes the cart-return bin isn’t even that far away. We always return the cart to the collection area or push it back to the front of the store to save the box boy (or girl) from having to do it.

I also think we need to tighten up on the criteria for getting one of those handicapped placards. While ringing the bell for the Salvation Army a week before Christmas, I had more than four hours to stand and watch shoppers come and go. I saw many cars sporting one of those signs hanging from the review mirror whip into a disabled parking space and a person who appeared in good health get out and walk in to shop.

It all comes down to rudeness, and there’s just too much of it going around.

Lon Allan can be reached at 466-8529 or leallan@tcsn.net.