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Tennis courts will be active at Coast Union this summer

Coast Union tennis coach Ron Ruggles is making practice time available for players from both boys and girls teams this summer. Once the “dead period” — three weeks following the end of school when coaches cannot host practices, as mandated by the CIF — is finished in early July, Ruggles will hold practices for 90 minutes, Monday through Thursday, starting at 11 a.m. at Coast Union.

The 11 a.m. time was chosen because that’s when football practice ends and the boys who also play tennis — notably top seeds Alexis Mireles and Jimmy Welch — will be on campus. Ruggles hopes players from the girls team will also participate.

The coach has a cooperative agreement with the Templeton High School tennis coach, Mary Housinger, to have the Eagles’ players come to Coast Union for some practice games and the Broncos in turn travel to Templeton for some good practice opportunities against “friendly competition.”

The girls are “harder to get out to practice in the summer than the boys,” Ruggles said. “Many of them work in the summer, but hopefully having practice games with Templeton will stir some interest.

“Also, we’ll be going to as many tournaments in August that we can. Both of our teams should be really good this year,” but he said the quality of play  may depend on how much time the players are willing to invest during summer. 

Club offers free group lessons

Meanwhile, the Cambria Tennis Club is offering free group tennis lessons for boys and girls ages 11-16 at Cambria High School this summer. Lessons begin Wednesday, July 1, and will be offered Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 1 to 2 p.m. 

For information, call Gail at 909-0385 or Lois at 440-1623.