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Lost coin flip put Coast Union on the road

Thanks to the Broncos convincing 48-22 semifinal victory over Lucerne Valley Friday, Nov. 22, Coast Union (11-1) plays the Faith Baptist Contenders (8-4) at 1:30 p.m. Saturday in Canoga Park for the CIF Southern Section Division 1 eight-man championship.

Given that the Broncos won three more games than the Contenders, why would the Coast Union football team have to board a bus and travel three and a half hours into the urban sprawl of the San Fernando Valley?

Going by the teams’ records, the Contenders should have to come north to Coast Union’s wonderful football facilities for the championship game. But in the world of the CIF Southern Section, the policy is to flip a coin to see who gets home field advantage.

Head Bronco Coach Charlie Casale notes that in the Central Section of CIF, the highest seed gets to host, which in this case would be the Broncos. “That’s the right way to do it,” Casale said, because “what is the value of having a great season,” if it’s not to be in a position to host a championship game?

Two CIF Southern Section pen pushers in a Los Angeles office flipped a coin. There is no video available so we don’t know who called “heads” and who called “tails”; nor do we know if they used a quarter, a nickel, or perhaps even a JFK half-dollar in a tribute to our late president on the 50th anniversary of his assassination.

“I can’t worry about things I can’t control,” the coach added. “As long as they have a 40 by 80 field we can play on,” Casale is not going to complain, he said. And he isn’t losing sleep over the apparent injustice — Coast Union has not lost a game on the road this season. “We travel well,” Casale dryly observed.

“We could use huge community support to pack the stands on our side,” he concluded.

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