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CUHS seeks hoops coaches

The Coast Union basketball program is putting out a call for three coaches. According to Athletic Director Bill Clough, the Broncos are looking for a coach for the boys junior varsity basketball program and a coach to handle the girls junior varsity basketball program.

In addition, the school is searching for a coach for the girl’s varsity program. Those interested in applying for those coaching positions should call Clough at 550-0589, or send him an email at

Clough said that “some coaching experience” is helpful for those applying for the positions. He also said the school would look at an application from a person with “playing experience at a higher level” as well. “If they have familiarity with the game, familiarity with the role of a coach, that is certainly helpful,” he added.

There is a sense of immediacy for the school because in just over a month practices will begin for the winter sports season.