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Field shrinks, hopes high as CU preps for 8-man football

I t would take an extremely sharp eye — and perhaps some technical football knowledge — for a passerby to notice that the Coast Union High School football field has been squeezed to 80 yards in length and 40 yards in width.

The old 100-by 53-yard configuration is history; the Bronco Boosters moved the goalposts in 10 yards at each end and chalk lines have been squeezed by 6-1/2 yards on each side. The adjustments were made in preparation for eight-man football this fall and, of course, the field is now ready for Bronco practice, which begins Monday, Aug. 6.

According to venerable Bronco offensive coordinator Charlie Casale, the players “are pretty excited and ready to go.” Casale himself is “really ready to go.

“You go through life, it’s just another challenge. And this is going to be really neat to see how it works out,” he explained

Casale has put about 60 plays — 30 runs and 30 passes — into his plans. “That’s a lot of offense, it really is, but I think these kids can do it.” The players know Casale’s of fensive system because it’s the same set of strategies used last year for the talented junior varsity, a team that went 7-2 after losing the first two contests.

It will be different from 11-man football, the coach continued. “But it’s football. If you don’t block and tackle you’re not going anywhere and nothing’s going to happen.”

Throughout the summer the Broncos have been pumping iron three days a week. “We have our core of guys that have lifted weights all summer long,” Casale explained.

“It’s going to be fun and the fans will really like it because there’s a lot of action out there,” Casale asserted. The first game is Aug. 31 at home versus Orcutt Academy.