Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian letters to the editor, June 30, 2016

Cyclists and cars face challenges

Kathe Tanner is to be commended for really giving us the nitty gritty about the problems with cyclists and cars sharing roads (Slice of Life, June 23, Page 8).

I was not even aware of the 3-foot rule or the fact that it is illegal for cyclists to ride two or three abreast in bike lanes (although it should be common sense).

Studies have shown that both cyclists and drivers are complicit in their negligent road habits. But, in my opinion, our roadways are simply incompatible for both unless there is at least a 6-foot-wide bike lane, preferably colored like you see in a few places, with a rumble strip (a great improvement). And that presumes that motorists are not drug-addled and homicidal.

My wife and I occasionally ride the Bob Jones Bike Trail in San Luis Obispo, which is a great road-free cycling path. But to get to it, you have to ride on South Higuera’s narrow bike lanes. We don’t, we use sidewalks. (But get off our bikes for pedestrians). One day we may get cited. But at least we won’t get killed or badly injured.

The basic problem is that our roadways need to be retrofitted to allow cyclists and motorists to coexist, and today there is neither the room nor the funds to make this happen.

So be really cautious out there.

William L. Seavey, Cambria

Rumble strips not easy on ears

Are you severely affected by the increased noise level caused by the recently installed “rumble strips” along the residential corridor of Highway 1 through Cambria? If so, please call Caltrans to let them know.

Mr. Jim Shivers, Public Information Officer, can be reached at 805-549-3237. The project engineer is Tammy Mar, at 805-542-4605.

I also contacted county Supervisor Bruce Gibson, at 805-781-4338, or email Cherie McKee, his legislative assistant at Their office referred me to Caltrans, but also kindly offered to contact Caltrans on our behalf.

A car hits the strips on average 4 times per minute and the sound is like an airplane taking off.

Don’t ask me why so many motorists can’t drive in their lane. I wonder if there might be some sort of alignment problem in certain areas.

Should the noise strips be in both the center and on the right side of a highway that is only two lanes?

Yes, I was told the project was to increase safety, and I don’t want any motorists or bicyclists to get hurt, but surely the mental health of residents who live here 365 days a year should be taken into consideration.

This is inappropriate in an area of residences and motels where tourists come for a quiet, relaxing getaway.

Marian Willis, Cambria

Take a breath and smell the oxalis

Every news story seems to bring us more reason to be sad and distrustful. From a bigoted con man feeding into our fears, to a Congress that is unwilling to make the changes so desperately needed — it is never-ending.

Try driving down Los Osos Valley Road for a literal breath of fresh air.

A few months ago, with the hills a shade of green we had forgotten about, a very thoughtful rancher put his gleaming black cows out into a head-high field of yellow oxalis! Many had to pull over to really take it all in.

Now the hills are their familiar golden-suede and the hay has been rolled into bales or stacked in neat rectangles.

Sturdy barns stand ready to store that harvest, and the hardworking farmers are planting summer veggies.

It all makes me think we are only weathering the usual storms. Things are as they should be, after all.

Los Osos Valley Road: A national treasure that promotes sanity.

Mary Ross, Cambria