Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian Letters to the Editor, Oct. 15, 2015

Scarecrow thanks

The Board of the Cambria Scarecrow Festival Inc. would like to thank all of the volunteers and sponsors who helped make our weekend events such a success. This includes our annual fundraiser, A Salute to Scarecrows on Oct. 1, and our first-time-ever Salute to Students at the Pinedorado Grounds on Oct. 3.

In particular, we would like to thank our major media sponsors, Adelman Broadcasting and KSBY-TV, as well as the tourism boards of Cambria and San Simeon. Your support is key to our ability to stage such a major monthlong event.

We would also like to thank all the local restaurants (Black Cat, Cambria Pub and Grill, Centrally Grown, Indigo Moon, La Terraza, Linn’s Restaurant, Moonstone Bar and Grill, and Robin’s Restaurant) and the local wineries (Black Hand Cellars, Cutruzzola Vineyards, Harmony Cellars, Hearst Ranch Winery, Moonstone Cellars, Stolo Family Vineyards and Twin Coyotes) for generously providing food and drink for the Thursday event.

We also very much appreciate the Cambria Nursery & Florist and the Cambria Lions Club for their respective donation of space for these events.

To all the merchants who so generously donated to the raffles, to the local artists who created breathtakingly beautiful decorated wine barrels and to the nearly two-dozen volunteers who staffed the events — you made it happen! It would take the whole page to list each and every one of you, but we thank you so much.

Finally, to the residents of Cambria and San Simeon, we appreciate and value all of you who support these events, help create scarecrows and enjoy the annual creativity and whimsy. Here’s to a fun October!

Dennis Frahmann

On behalf of the Cambria Scarecrow Festival Inc.

Functional politics?

The Cambria Community Services District sent a letter (June 29, 2015) indicating the present fire chief is retiring and reflects an exaggerated grand jury critique of lacking fire services. There will be one year to consider fire protection, and the interim head of Cambria’s Fire Department via a contract will be a Cal Fire battalion chief with assistance from other Cal Fire employees.

Functional politics?

A reply is presented: 

Our experienced CCSD (since 1976) can lead an efficient Central Coast consolidation with Cal Fire backup assistance and “promotion within” replacement with no additional costs. The state fire emergency risk was recognized in CCSD public meetings. The Cambria Fire Department provides building codes, property inspections, fire plan reviews and community seminars. Fire safe areas and evacuation routes are included in the Community Directory. 

The grand jury should volunteer to supplement lobbying (at cost) in obtaining various government funds for optimizing public preserves management and reducing costs for the enhanced water supply.

Property owners with more than one defective tree could qualify for removal assistance. Widening fire breaks for narrow adjacent home setbacks is impossible.

Werner Koch


Election guidance

I couldn’t agree more with Lauren Younger’s letter in this week’s Cambrian. It seems that it has become traditional for someone on the CCSD board to resign after an election and then have the board members fill the vacancy with a “team player.”  

The last time this happened, one of the candidates to fill the vacancy had lost the recent election by a whisker. Even The Cambrian printed an editorial that it was common sense for the board to appoint her. Didn’t happen.

Anyone who has run for election has already spent a great deal of time and effort to represent the views of those voters who supported them. I think it would be common courtesy to the candidates and Cambria voters to offer vacant spots to those who had already gone to the trouble of running for the board if they are still willing to serve.

Mary Hill


Is this democracy?

Although not entirely clear, it appears Lauren Younger’s Oct. 8, 2015, letter to the editor urges the CCSD Board to select one of the two defeated candidates from last November’s CCSD election as the only “fair and democratic” means to fill Muril Clift’s vacant seat.  

Respectfully, Ms. Younger’s position turns democracy on its head.  Webster defines democracy as the control of an organization or group by a majority of its members. Last November’s election served as a clear referendum on whether the CCSD should proceed with the EWS. Directors Thompson and Bahringer ran for re-election in support of the EWS; the two challenger candidates openly opposed the project and Thompson and Bahringer won by a 60-40 margin. To suggest now that one of the anti-EWS candidates whom the clear majority of voters rejected last November should be appointed as a director is neither fair nor democratic.  

Contrary to Ms. Younger’s suggestion, the only democratic means to fill Director Clift’s vacant seat is to select a candidate who, like Director Clift, supports the EWS until the next general election.

Greg Hunter


Gas price gap

Can anyone tell me why gasoline prices are so high in San Luis Obispo County?  During the past month, I read an article in The Fresno Bee which stated that SLO County had the highest gasoline prices in the State. I can also tell you that on Sept. 25, I purchased regular gasoline in Fresno for $2.35 a gallon and on Oct. 3, I purchased regular gasoline in Morro Bay for $3.25 a gallon, almost a 40 percent difference in prices. What gives?

Bill Civiello


Scarecrow experience

I had an unbelievable experience designing and creating William Randolph Hearst for The Morgan Hotel. I just wanted to thank them publicly for giving me this wonderful opportunity. 

Not only did I learn about all the background of this extraordinary scarecrow making process, but I also learned a lot about William Randolph Hearst and his impact on this community and in the journalism world back in his day. I developed lifelong skills — for example time management, creativity, communication and teamwork — while experiencing the growth of character in which my classmates and I ventured into the real world.

After several weeks of creative thought, experimental instruction and, most importantly, absolute fun, I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of such a unique tradition in our community. As this is my senior year at Coast Union, I am grateful that I was given this opportunity to support the Scarecrow Festival.

Thank you.

Ellie Magnuson

CUHS art student