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Cambrian Letters to the Editor, June 18, 2015

Our own fire chief

I have read today’s (June 11) issue of The Cambrian and am shocked to realize that the Cambria Community Services District is actually considering not replacing Fire Chief Miller upon his retirement.

What on Earth are they thinking? We are in a severe drought, and there is also a very high fire danger in the forest. The main fire engine might be old, but it is well maintained. We need a chief and we need a fire department! Cal Fire is already stretched thin. We need our own department with a home-grown chief who knows the layout of the town.

It might help if the CCSD had been doing what it was told to do in 2003 and collecting the annual fire-benefit assessment. I was one of the citizens who voted for that assessment.

Please, Jerry Gruber, take the action to protect the village of Cambria as much as possible. Hire a chief and start collecting the fire-benefit assessment. Or we can all meet on the hill on State Route 46 and watch the town go up in smoke. Might be as exciting as Fourth of July fireworks.

Alan Doctor


Column welcomed

I would like to commend The Cambrian for adding a new column by Charmaine Coimbra. It is a great addition to the paper, and I hope I will see more from her viewpoint.  Keep up the good work! 

Susan Oberholtzer


CCSD water use

We Cambrians have done ourselves proud. Residential use of potable water from CCSD averaged 35 gallons per person per day (gpcd) in 2014, down from 67 gpcd in 2013. We residents reduced our use by almost 50 percent.

Commercial users did well too. They reduced their use by 28 percent.

Cambria reduced its total use of CCSD potable water by 40.74 percent in 2014, compared with 2013. Our total use averaged 58 gallons per person per day.

However, in the internal accounts controlled by CCSD the water use increased by 23 percent from 2013 to 2014. The accounts used only 3.7 percent of total water, but a large increase took place in 2014. In addition, the difference between gallons pumped from the wells and gallons billed — unaccounted water — has risen. In 2013 an average of 9.67 percent of the water from the wells was not billed. In 2014 that rose to 16.34 percent — almost 25 million gallons of lost water.

These numbers come from billing summaries available by Public Records Request to the CCSD and from CCSD’s well production chart. 

I have asked the CCSD to post detailed water use numbers each month on The CCSD is required to report them to the State Water Quality Control Board. Informing Cambrians of water use by residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors would help our conservation reputation be even better.

Elizabeth Bettenhausen


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