Cambrian: Opinion

Cambrian Letters to the Editor, April 23, 2015

Christian leadership

Unexpectedly widespread objections from the public and the business community resulted in a rollback of the religious objections laws recently passed by the Indiana and Arkansas legislatures. Critics felt such laws could be used to discriminate against LGBT (lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender) individuals.

During the past few years, tremendous change in public opinion regarding LGBT rights has taken place in the United States, as evidenced by the events in Indiana and Arkansas. Also, 37 states have legalized same-sex marriages, and the United States Supreme Court decision on such marriages is expected this year.

Why have Christian organizations not been champions of equality and justice for all? The love of Jesus included the excluded, invited the disinvited and touched the untouchables. Why, 2,000 years later, are we told that the love of Jesus requires us to leave aside LGBT equality?

Rather than lead, Christian organizations often follow long after the changes have occurred in the rest of the nation. Whether it was the recognition of women’s rights, abolition of slavery, support for the Civil Rights Act or joining the fight against the AIDS pandemic, Christian organizations have followed national changes decades late.

It is time for Christians to lead in our society — to accomplish what Jesus taught us so long ago, love, justice and equality for all.

Allan and Theresa MacKinnon


Replaceable tourist

To Marie Hendricks of Las Vegas (Letters to the Editor, April 16, 2015): What a shame that your misguided notion about the personal hygiene of the residents of Cambria caused you and your family to stay away forever. But then maybe it’s just as well since your family will surely be replaced by visitors who understand that the old adage “if it’s yellow, let it mellow. …” doesn’t cause outbreaks of E. coli, salmonella, typhoid, dysentery and hepatitis when practiced within the confines of individual homes. 

Your advice regarding xeriscaping is good. We simply let our hillside live on whatever meager rainwater and fog droplets come its way. Not very pretty, but certainly the way nature intended, I suppose.

Iggy Fedoroff


Statistical question

I’m sure we are all proud that Cambria appears to be saving more water on a per capita basis than any other community in the state, however I’m not sure what exactly these statistics are based on. I’m assuming this statistic is derived from CCSD records. If that is the case, then I wonder how we would look if all the water trucked from the Warren Ranch were added to the total.

I understand the Warren water is coming from the Van Gordon Creek watershed and our water comes from the San Simeon Creek, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that it all comes from the same aquifer.

I guess my point is that the great water savings that are being touted in the media might not appear to be so heroic if we included our “unmetered water” as well as the water that comes through our faucets.

Richard Stacy


‘Logical thinking’?

I must admit that I sometimes find letters to the editor amusing, but Marie Hendricks from Las Vegas took the cake for idiotic jumps in “logical thinking.” Cambria residents empty buckets of shower water into their toilets to save water and so, according to Marie, we also don’t wash our hands.  

Also, we don't clean or sanitize anything properly. The next logical step is “chamber pots being dumped into the ocean.” Wait ... what?!  

Besides being lectured on conservation by a Las Vegas resident (irony here, Marie) how does anyone make those assumptions? I am so proud of our little town that uses the least amount of water per capita in the state! Seriously! I would like to shake each and every one of your hands, except, uh, well, you know.  

Finally, I want Marie and all residents of Las Vegas to feel safe in the knowledge that we only dump our spittoons in the ocean. Not our darn chamber pots!

David Stoothoff


Laughable ideas

How many of you laughed like I did when reading the incredibly ridiculous letter from the “former annual visitor” to our town, Nevadan Marie Hendricks? Our little patch of paradise must now be spreading diseases and death because we all have become people with unsanitary hygiene as a result of our water conservation efforts! 

Does this person not realize when one is faced with drastic measures, one becomes even more conscious of maintaining strict personal and communal hygiene in every way possible? 

I am extremely proud of everyone who has done such a great part to make Cambria an example for other areas of the state. At first I thought this was a tongue-in-cheek letter, but realizing it wasn’t, I am very happy to know she will no longer be visiting Cambria and therefore not “spreading” unnecessary “stupidity” amongst our residents and normal, welcomed visitors.

Toni Weaver