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Cambrian Letters to the Editor, March 12, 2015

Safe cycling

The same issue of Outside Magazine (March) that features the Seavey Iditarod champions and founder (my distant cousins!) also has an excellent piece about cycling safety — and a profile of Megan Hottman, a liability lawyer and former pro bike racer. (See

Her book is Bicycle Accidents: Biomedical, Engineering and Legal Aspects.

Her book, and practice, should be a source of wisdom on why these accidents continue to happen, and who’s to blame, in communities across the country and in San Luis Obispo County.

Pretty much equally, the blame falls on both cyclists and drivers. Both violate laws that threaten the obviously more vulnerable cyclists.

My wife and I ride occasionally but won’t go on bike lanes that are totally unprotected from motorists. We stay on bike paths and walk the bikes on sidewalks as needed.  We look forward to actual paths when the Bob Jones Trail hike/bike path to Avila Beach is complete from the Octagon Barn.

Hottman says fewer accidents actually occur when there are more cyclists on the road (such as in groups). However, I’ve never felt that a narrow striped bike lane is safe from any point of view. At the very least, the outside line should have raised “bumps” to warn both motorist and cyclist that they are crossing a barrier. Coloring the lane is good, but still not adequate.

William L. Seavey


Shakedown cruise?

After reading General Manager Jerry Gruber’s Viewpoint in the March 5 Cambrian, where he referred to the startup of the emergency water supply plant with all its problems as a “shakedown cruise,” one can only hope this does not turn out to be like the “shakedown cruise” of the Titanic.

Allan Dean


Thanks for grant

On behalf of the Cambria Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), I would like to thank the Cambria Community Council (CCC) for its 2014 grant to our organization and others in the community. The council’s financial support helps us continue in our mission to serve the community when disaster strikes. 

To enable our team of responders and help those in need, Cambria CERT has been able to obtain necessary equipment and supplies for a variety of tasks. In past years, the CCC has helped grow this capability. As this suite of equipment expands, we have urgently needed a structure to store, protect and provide ready access to these critical supplies. The CCC’s most recent donation will answer this need.

The generous support of the CCC makes it possible for our organization to exist and to make the community a safer place to live.

Thanks again for their continued support!

Craig Ufferheide

Cambria CERT Lead