Cambrian: Opinion

Familiar faces, new friends line the streets of Cambria

For better or for worse in this time of water crisis, I am enjoying the Scarecrow Festival. Yes, traffic has slowed to a snail’s pace and there are more folks crowding around. And more water is probably being consumed by “outsiders.” 

But, it is hard to ignore the ingenuity and creativity of our fellow Cambrians! I have already more than once “excused” myself to a mute figure — a papier mache child or other. I retired from the scarecrow- making biz this year, so I am not envious at all of the talent demonstrated throughout town, only in awe.

I do know that the committee that puts the whole affair on has worked long and hard throughout the rest of the year and continually to make sure it’s well-publicized, well-displayed and most of all, fun. Kudos to you all! I’d say, even if nobody came from out of town, it would still be a success due to the opportunity to release some 

“inner children” playing with clay and paint!

I had the privilege of helping distribute some figures created by the high school art class. Suzette Milam-Morrow yet again has elicited some amazing creations from her students. There must have been 20 or more! There were specific orders from some businesses, others ordered but left it up to individual imagination … a “Transparent Man” conjured up out of bubble wrap and clear tape, people grapes, a young boy with a mustache. … One can’t help but laugh some times.

I also met a fellow who had been working on his piece for two years! Being one of my all-time favorite literary characters, Gandalf has a special place in my heart. The artist, Brian Massey, explained to me how he used things like plastic bottles, aged and molded for the fingernails, new upholstery material that was “weathered” and everything else that was fabricated from mostly common materials. Wonderful.

I am glad to again see some of my other favorites like Don Quixote, the Ogre and the gent hanging on to the light post in a strong wind. The little pea pod near the Cookie Crock is adorable, too. Oh, speaking of markets, Soto’s, I think, has best captured the “recycling” spirit of drought victims. Huzzah to you!

Being a little too concerned about running anyone over or running into the back of a slow-moving vehicle, I drive with eyes focused all the more carefully on the road (I know, I should do that always) so haven’t seen “everybody” yet. It will be definitely worth a walking tour. 

Besides, how often do you stop to play tourist in your own town? How many of our shops are you familiar with? Do you buy gifts and necessities locally? I rarely find a real reason to leave town myself but, now with all this amazing artwork gracing our streets and thresholds, there’s no better time to explore. Cambria is pretty amazing like this, isn’t it?

Art — it makes life SO much more worthwhile! Enjoy some today!