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Life’s little lessons, imparted to Son the Younger

As my Son the Younger (I saw that title recently and had to steal it) gets ready to finish up his summer at home, I cannot help but spread some motherly wisdom his way, despite his “adulthood” status of 21 years of age. Thankfully, I’ve been told mothers have special dispensation for giving lifelong advice. Phew!

Here are some things I’ve had conversations with other mothers about, you know, the little things we like to fret over

If you do nothing else, remember the following — brush and floss your teeth. Yes, sometimes “circumstances” will not even allow you to focus on the object in your hand, but give it your best shot. Look in my mouth. That will remind you.

I’m so glad for the age when they’ve begun to differentiate between hygiene and vanity. Kind of like a twist on the adage of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” “If it ain’t dirty, don’t wash it!” The amusing part is, when they were little boys, it was sometimes hard to get them in the tub at all. When did that change? Girls. And, while I wax nostalgic for your presence, I prefer the “Eau de Sweaty Boys” than some chemical concoction.

Sit up straight. Probably the single most valuable nag my mother laid on me was this one about posture. Shoulders back, head up — “there’s plenty of time for slouching in bed.” My boys are both strong and healthy, but we all need to be reminded once in a while to do this, hopefully before too many hours slumped over a computer sends us into spasms.

Call your mother. And your father. And Gramma. Son the Younger is better than Son the Older. Not that I’m counting. Familial contacts are more important than just getting an extra hundred bucks for groceries once in a while. It’s where you came from, a reminder of who you could become (like that’s a bad thing!) and it’s your unfailing resource for love.

Don’t bum off of your friends. We may all be loveable and funny, but it doesn’t pay the bills. Sometimes it’s nice to have company, a night or two. But, really, they bought that couch so THEY could sleep on it. Not to mention their private lives. New girlfriends? Might be a drag. Be a friend, not a piece of furniture.

Two words: car camping; I actually heard about a friend who advised her child to not only look for a car that you could sleep in but LIVE in if need be. Sound advice. Always been my criterion.

Drink less and eat more. I know, you’re young and away from home. Many of you young adults do so because “you can.” You can also spend your money and your mornings in much more enjoyable fashion, such as being able to afford a healthy meal. I know I didn’t listen way back when. Wish I had.

Actually, I don’t think anybody told me, so I’m telling you.

Finally, find joy every day, talk to strangers, show gratitude to the lowliest of sentient beings, get enough sleep and don’t forget those phone calls.

I miss you already.