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Cambrian Letters to the Editor Aug. 14

The cast of "Something's Afoot," which runs Aug. 1 through 24 at the Cambria Center for the Arts Theatre.
The cast of "Something's Afoot," which runs Aug. 1 through 24 at the Cambria Center for the Arts Theatre.

Just how bad is it?

The Cambria Community Services District board voted Aug. 4 in favor of Resolution 33-2014, authorizing the installment sale financing of an emergency water supply project in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed $9 million.

Yep, $9 million in a community of 4,014 connections, including 3,350 single-family, 133 multi-family, 295 vacation-rental and 236 commercial water connections.

According to the meeting agenda, the board will also be considering lifting water restrictions at another special meeting Aug. 21:

“Staff also believes that the current closure of community bathrooms and the ability for residents to use their allocation of water as they see fit needs to be the subject of additional discussion. Both of these items would require a noticed public hearing to modify Resolution 19-2014, which was adopted at the May 22 board meeting. Staff recommends that this item be deferred until the Aug. 21 board meeting, otherwise requests guidance and direction from the board regarding scheduling such a public hearing.”

How bad can things be if they can vote to reopen the public toilets before the 2014 Pinedorado Days and allow watering via potable water for landscaping? Do we have a $9 million water emergency or not?

Cindy Anderson


Watch out for deer

I just saw a doe get hit and die on Main Street. It is nighttime: 9 p.m. Aug. 5. The deer ran in front of our car, but we saw it in time and stopped.

The deer kept running to our left into the other traffic lane and was hit by a black pickup. The other driver stopped and looked at the deer on the side of the road as it tried to stand up, then the person drove away. We watched the deer fumbling to stand; there was nothing we could do. After about a minute, it died. We have streetlights on Main Street. Why are they not bright enough to make the deer visible to drivers at night?

This is the second time I have seen a deer run across Main Street at night.

David Manion


On the right ‘Afoot’

I highly recommend the current show at the Cambria Center for the Arts Theatre — “Something’s Afoot.” There’s nothing quite like live entertainment, and this fun show definitely will not disappoint. Great cast, good effects, terrific direction by Jill Turnbow — and lots of laughs. Catch it before Aug. 24.

Gail Stevens


Skunks not suicidal

In response to the letter regarding skunk deaths on Cambria roads, I just want to respond that they are not suicidal.

They are, however, easily confused by bright headlights and fast-moving vehicles.

This is the time of year when the more vulnerable of the resident skunk populations, the youngsters, are dispersing now that they no longer need the moment-to-moment care of their mothers.

When these youngsters are out at night trying to learn the ways of surviving around humans, they all too often fall prey to motorists who are both driving too fast and not paying attention to the fact that there are wild animals who are forced to cross our roads to find food and shelter.

The solution is for the motorists to slow down, pay attention and drive responsibly. We are not the only ones using our highways.

Lynn Cuny

Founder/President, Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Kendalia, Texas