Cambrian: Opinion

‘A Worthwhile Life’ is about a lot more than kids stuff

As our interim editor kindly mentioned last week, I’ve decided to change the name of my column. A show of hands, please, for those who ever pay attention to such little things thank you. You three may put them down.

I am often asked how one turns out a bunch of words about random subjects every week. For me, it is about the little things — like “A Worthwhile Life.” Those words serve as a vision statement, a motivator, a “place” in the heart from which to come. I’ll always be Lady Tie Di. That, too, gives me creative license to do things like drive funny-looking cars. And wear colorful clothes.

“Word of Mind, Word of Mouth” (for those of you who remember that as my column’s title all these years) came from my motivation at the time — kids and how they say whatever comes out of their brain, parenting and pedaling as fast as we can to keep up with them. I still will cover youth issues and ideas and stories.

But, my own children and the hundreds of children I personally had the opportunity the honor to supervise, teach crafts, counsel, camp with, learn with, play with, help grow up and fall in love with are mostly grown and many gone, my own two sons included. I needed a refocus.

I’ve learned so much from all these kids. All the committees I’ve been on, organizations I’ve been a part of, classes I’ve taken, conferences I’ve attended, stories I’ve gleaned and experiments I’ve conducted have served to spread my horizon line unimaginably far. It’s been a wonderful journey, and I’m thrilled to put new energy, information and ideas into the ol’ martini shaker and have at it.

I suppose I’ve shifted my approach for sharing good information with you from relating the daily doings of my boys in a show of camaraderie (do you know how many times I had to spell that word in such a fashion that even spellcheck could figure it out?), to using different stories, sharing research and applying to my own personal situations. Miles and Zachary are breathing a sigh of relief.

More than ever I like hearing what you are doing that may benefit the community or world at large. I love hearing stories about what the kids are doing or opportunities that may be available to them. I have volumes of parenting information (which always applies to spouses, co-workers and friends, I might add) that I’d like to dole out.

There is also much that I need to remind myself of that I figure, perhaps you, too, need reminding of — that there are peaceful ways to resolve conflict; that gratitude is oftentimes a bigger gift to yourself than the recipient; that dandelions are full of antioxidants, help control blood pressure and liver function, and I should really be more mindful of finding good stands of them and harvesting them to use.

So, really the same philosophy — teach peace, practice thanks, do for others AND HAVE FUN! Thanks for being along for the ride. I feel it’s a “Worthwhile Life” worth sharing.