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Cambrian Letters to the Editor July 3

A call to action

Are you upset over the huge increase to your water bill as Cambria Community Services District proposes? Are you tired of finding new taxes and fees imposed on you without your knowledge or consent? Well, with Proposition 218 passed by the citizens of California on Nov. 5, 1996, we can actually do something about this unfair increase.

We as citizens of Cambria need to simply drop by the CCSD and present them with a written and signed protest, get it date stamped by CCSD and have them give you a copy.

There are four requirements for this written protest. First, you are required to identify that you are protesting the proposed water rate hike. I used the following language when I submitted my protest: I protest against the proposed increase in water rates to fund an emergency water supply project under Proposition 218. This proposed increase in water rates is the subject of a public hearing which will be held at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, July 24, at the Cambria Veterans Memorial Building, 1000 Main St.

Second, you must write the address of the Cambrian property that is being affected by the rate increase OR put down your Assessor's Parcel Number (APN).

Third, you must print your name. The CCSD wants the owner or customer of record’s name but, as I found out when I did my protest, the name of the customer was nowhere to be found on the remaining part of my bill. I pay my bills the old fashion way and send in a check with the payment stub. The payment stub is the only place where the customer's name appear. Since I was unsure, I had both my husband and myself sign the protest.

Fourth, sign the protest with your original signature and date it. If a blue pen is available, use it. When I dropped off our protest, CCSD wasn't thrilled about the black pen I used and actually felt the other side of the paper to see if it was an original.

These protest votes do not have to be typed if that is unavailable to you, just write it out. Finally, you can have a voice in the continuing increases caused by taxes and fees that we all keep seeing on everything: utilities, gasoline, income, property tax assessment — the list goes on and on.

Let's do something about it this time Cambrians! Get your protest in before the July 24 deadline.

Debra Jones


Fortunate here

To those relatively few Cambrians who must have their cake and eat it too, I quote from a New York Times Magazine story about new condominium development in Mumbai (June 22): 

“Inside the high-rises, several million dollars buys not only granite countertops and Arabian Sea views but also electricity that never goes out and water that always runs.”

How fortunate you are to live in this country with a law-abiding community services district looking after your interests.

Mike Broadhurst


Pump ready?

Regarding Richard Hawley’s article on El Niño (June 19): I was wondering when the last time county Public Works tested the million-dollar flood pumping system that was installed at the end of Main Street in Cambria’s West Village?

I think that would be a priority of the county to ensure that the system was indeed operational. Similar thoughts occur when looking at our old and dilapidated sewer plant. How will that operate during a flood event? Will it be under water like West Village was during the last flood?

Should the community be planning on moving the sewer plant to higher ground like Morro Bay is currently doing with their sewer plant? Just curious.

Sharon Harvey

West Village business owner

Saving the Ranch

Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve would like to say “thank you” to all the businesses and individuals who donated gifts to our raffle, silent auction and live auction for our “Gathering in the Garden” fundraising event on June 21.

We would like to thank all of our fantastic volunteers because, as you know, it just couldn’t happen without them.

A great big “thank you” to Cambria Nursery for allowing us to use their beautiful garden for the event. And we would like to include all those who attended, participated in the raffle, silent and live auction. Cambria is rich in fundraising events and also rich in supporters — thank you. 

The event was a tremendous success due in part to donations from the local artists, businesses and other individuals listed here: Richard Lee; Shirley Paulson Lee; Moonstones Gallery; Hearst Castle and National Geographic Theater; Sandy’s Deli; Creekside Gardens; Redwood Café; Flying Fuzzies; In this Life, LLC; Boni’s Tacos; A Matter of Taste; Friends of Piedras Blancas Light Station; Old Stone Station; The Place; Olallieberry Inn Bed & Breakfast; Cambria Hardware; Madeline’s; Lucia Apothocary; Frank Fratto, D.D.S.; Gary Gall; Brenda Gale; Earthsea Pottery; Chamber’s Gallery; Casa de Oro; Foxlo Pottery; Julie Dunn Fine Art; Oliver’s Twist; Bill Goldberg, Linn’s Fruit Bin; Alese Bell; Diane’s Hairport; Steve Kellogg; Gerber’s Auto Services; Moonstone Cellars; GROW; Patricia Griffin Ceramics; Sweet Offerings; Suzy Siegler; My Victorian Castle Vacation Rental; The Cambrian; Art Van Rhyn; Robin’s Restaurant; Harmony Cellars and Trader Joe’s, San Luis Obispo.

Their generosity will help keep the Ranch protected and open to all for generations to come. 

All donations and purchases help us to fulfill our mission of protecting the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, forever. 

Jo Ellen Butler, on behalf of 

The committee for A Gathering in the Garden

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