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Cambrian Letters to the Editor June 19

A doe and her fawn pause by a trail in Fern Canyon.
A doe and her fawn pause by a trail in Fern Canyon.

CAN has a crisis

One of the most important service groups for residents of Cambria is Cambria’s Anonymous Neighbors. This entirely volunteer contingent of residents provides many different services to those with particular needs. These services include delivering meals to people unable to cook for themselves on a short-term basis, a monthly Food Bank distribution for those in need of providing food for their families, visitations to those who are unable to get outside their homes, and a variety of medical equipment, such as crutches, walkers and commodes.

Another very important function is providing transportation for Cambria residents to doctors and treatment centers throughout San Luis Obispo County.

It is this service of transportation where a serious crisis has developed. The need for transportation has increased while the number of available volunteer drivers has decreased.

The number of transportation requests has gone from 76 in March to 98 in May of this year, but the number of volunteer drivers is 29. That does not mean that 29 people are on call at all times, because volunteer drivers have their own personal schedules and are not always available. There are times when we are drawing on as few as eight possible drivers in a month. It is not reasonable to expect these available volunteers to drive every week.

Reimbursement at the IRS-approved transportation rate is possible if the drivers request it. Insurance for volunteers is also available. Some volunteer drivers waiting to return a client to Cambria use this time to take care of their own business, which they may have in the area.

In writing this letter we are asking Cambrians to step forward and offer their services as drivers. This is the type of service in our community that makes Cambria unique.

To become a volunteer driver, please call CAN at 927- 5673.

Michael J. McLaughlin, vice president

Cambria’s Anonymous Neighbors


I did not pick up The Cambrian in time to attend the June 6 permit proposal meeting, but if I had, I would have been in support of granting the permit. Firstly, Centrally Grown is bringing much-needed jobs to this area. Period! Jobs not only help workers of Cambria but also the merchants in town.

Secondly, everything so far has been done with craftsmanship and sophistication. It will be wonderful to have a showcase of a sustainable enterprise in this area bringing new tourism to the area that will help the revenue of merchants and hotels.

Lastly, who would be against greenhouses? This will allow Centrally Grown to produce a lot of the food it will use and sell. This will help cut down on what would normally be transported. I really think it is self-serving for one person to prevent all of these benefits to the community. I for one cannot wait for Centrally Grown to finally be open.

Penny Fitzgerald


Not mad anymore

I just wanted to follow up on our “Mad as hell” letter. We decided to get into the solution. It’s easy to complain about something, but what can I do to be part of the solution?

So I put my thinking cap on and decided to call our local San Luis Obispo County roads crew. They responded within 24 hours to haul the furniture out of Fern Creek. I would like to express my sincere thanks herein. I gave them a call as well with much gratitude.

Also, my wonderful husband, Alan, and I decided to go down the canyon. At the end was an abandoned camp, blankets, comforters, a busted six-person tent, torn inflatable mattress, miscellaneous clothing and stinky food trash we took out of the canyon after church.

We saw a doe and her two fawns when we were leaving. It gave us affirmative purpose and gratitude. We’re not “mad as hell” anymore, because there is a solution and we all have a responsibility in community action for our Cambria. How can we all help? Well, bring a bag for trash on your next walk or hike, no matter where you live.

And please, don’t trash Cambria. Namaste.

Theresa and Alan Desmond