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Time to go exploring

Fingers of dawn light fill pockets of ground-hugging fog.
Fingers of dawn light fill pockets of ground-hugging fog.

I have to say, I really like poop. In it’s proper place, of course. It means my digestion is working because I’ve had the good fortune to have had something to eat. It also gives a legitimate excuse to flush! You see, in times of “little” I like to think of the “a lot of’s” I’ve got. I don’t mean I’m full of you-know-what well little water in town but a lot of appreciation for what we have.

Little work right now, but time to reflect, to reassess, to dream. Time to let my body rest. Time to create out in the studio. Little sterling silver in the workshop, but lots of creative incentive to use the materials out there I do have, like copper and felt and fabric.

The time spent may not prove to be “prosperous” any time soon, but my soul sings, along with the pulsing of the rock tumbler, the hiss of the torch or the rhythm of the sewing machine. I gotta lot o’ rhythm out there in the garage, for sure!

I seem to have lost my “oomph” for exercising. Verging on a “little” bit of drive. BUT, I’ve got a lot of bang for my buck in the time I do move around in Calico’s class. I have a lot of muscles I’d forgotten about, neglected and misused. I have a lot of fun with all the girls.

Little sun means there must be a lot of fog, which means there is much-needed moisture. Of course, all this little bit of moisture means a lot less lawns and weeds to be whacked.

Conversely, I’ve intentionally made up my mind that I have only a little bit of nervousness about taking time off in June from potential work to go spend time house-sitting in the mountains because I plan to use a lot of that time to start a writing project I’ve always wanted to do. It may prove to be a little project, but I will get great satisfaction in completing it once I start it.

One can never imagine how they’re going to feel at the various stages of raising children. It’s impossible, too. But, we do try anyway and I always imagined my kids would be in touch with their parents as much as I was with mine. That said, I only hear from my boys a little but when I do, I get SUCH a charge out of it and I know without a doubt there is SO much love and concern and respect and caring. My Love Reservoir is full.

That last one always covers substantial ground in the “a lot of’s” category, negating many other piddly “littles.” Crabby people, miscommunications, irresponsible pet owners, the price of gas I can certainly get by. It’s all about the important stuff. The little stuff that provides the weft for the weaving of life. The fluff that stuffs the pillow. The thick socks that cushion the feet.

So, what some may see as a little may really be enough after all. In fact, to all the graduates out there this week, this is what I wish you: enough. And enough wherewithal to realize it!